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About Us

Dreamchaser Entertainment, LLC is dedicated to individuals and small businesses to empower those to fully harness the power of the internet. We pride ourselves in providing the tools and the knowledge for everyone to get online and succeed.

Developing a website or app means nothing if the infrastructure supporting them fails. After working with clients big and small we understand that most don’t utilize an administrator with working knowledge of web servers and the internet.

Dreamchaser Entertainment, LLC is dedication to speed, security, and customer support. We are real live people solving real live problems.

We currently utilize more than one data center that houses our accessible web servers. These servers reside in Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas with some residing in other locations. If you utilize CloudFlare, your content may be routed through an additional 23 data centers worldwide.

All Data Centers are PCI compliant but it should be noted that the servers do NOT meet HIPAA compliance and cannot be used to host “protected health information” under the federal HIPAA law and related regulations.

Servers are periodically upgraded to provide the most reliable hosting experience possible. Sometimes this means migrating your content to another server. When this happens, we work carefully at making the process as smooth as possible, with little or no downtime.

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Dreamchaser Entertainment, LLC is the parent company for Dreamchaser Design, Dreamchaser Music, and Jazz Anywhere.

You are one step closer to success! Call 1-888-406-8580. Let's get started on your dreams.
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    Dreamchaser Entertainment, LLC
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