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Your website is your business.

We believe in offering superior service, at a reasonable price. We are constantly improving our services to meet your increasing demands. We want your business to be successful and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re launching your first website, expanding your existing one, or managing a complex E-commerce site, we offer reliable shared hosting for small businesses.

Reliable Service

We use only the best hosting resources, software, and internet providers to minimize downtime. You can sleep well at night knowing that your web site will experience little downtime, and will be fast to access. Our tech-support resources are award-winning.

We have the technical expertise in supporting you with any issue. All issues are typically handled in less than 24 hours.  Customer service is never outsourced.

Personal Service

We are here to help make your site an effective way to interact with your customers. Many of our clients have been with us since the inception of our company. With the overwhelming abundance of hosting competition, do you think you’ll get personal attention when you are ONE of 500,000 customers?

Ease Of Use

We’ve designed our services towards the non-technical/small business customer, and we are there to help you along the way. Our control panel is easy to use, and have a comprehensive customer service center. We are here to help with your specific needs.

We Do Not Oversell

Many hosting providers are offering “unlimited” amounts of disk space, bandwidth and E-mail accounts with their hosting plans.

Overselling is the practice of a web host selling the same disk space and bandwidth to multiple customers, often “unlimited.” It is made possible by the fact that most hosting customers never use their allotted resources to their full potential. However, it’s truly about what the customer is actually paying for, or rather, what they are paying for but not receiving in return. We guarantee 100% of the space and bandwidth you pay for will never be resold to another customer, nor will the resources be managed in a way that adversely affects your website’s performance, including: sporadic downtime, site unavailability, database errors, email delivery problems, or unplanned migrations of your site to other servers in our network.

If you do go over your space and/or bandwidth, your account will not be suspended or cancelled, nor will you be assessed hidden fees for “breaking the terms” of use. We will contact you to discuss upgrading you to a higher plan level … that’s it.

You are one step closer to success! Call 1-888-406-8580. Let's get started on your dreams.
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